About Our Shop

Shady Rest Vintage & Vinyl, 1659 S. Throop, is a storefront specializing in vinyl, hi-fi equipment, modern furniture, books and eclectic curiosities for everyone.  

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Co-Owner / Buyer

Peter Kepha is a third-generation Mexican-American born and raised in Brighton Park, a community on Chicago’s southwest side.  His family history runs deep in Chicago's communities having parents hailing from Taylor Street/Pilsen and LeClaire Courts public housing in Archer Heights. From 2006-2009, Peter was operator of 32nd&urban, an alternative visual art exhibition space in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.  Currently, he serves as gallery director and co-founder of the Chicago Urban Art Society, an arts non-profit promoting the work of contemporary artists, community organizations and creative-sector groups. Also, he has a BFA from The American Acadermy of Art. 

He is a life long collector. 


Nuntida Sirisombatwattana is a first generation Thai-American, born in Chicago and raised in the ‘burbs. She has been a music lover all her life, and still remembers buying her first cassette tape - TLC’s Ooooooohhh... on the TLC Tip at the HIP Sam Goody store.  In high school, Nuntida saved up to buy her first turntable set, a Pioneer DJM-600 mixer and two Vestax PDX-2000.  She’s been a vinyl collector ever since.  Nuntida has a fairly extensive collection of rap and hip-hop 45’s, 12’s and full albums, all organized by geographic location and record label. She has a keen ear for recognizing samples, and has been known to recite rhymes out loud in order to help identify the song. She also collects anything and everything David Bowie-related (including Chu-bops record-shaped gum from the 80’s). Outside Shady Rest, Nuntida serves as special assistant to 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly.