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*SOLD Pioneer SX-727


Selling my Pioneer to make room for some new gear. The receiver was just serviced by Deltronics Audio Repair in Chicago and is working as it should. A few minor scratches on the aluminum face and some chipping on the backend of the wood case, all normal wear for it's age. See below for the technical specs. 

"The SX-727 is a sensitive AM/FM stereo receiver with up to 195 watts of power into 4 ohms, two tape monitor circuits, linear FM dial scale and supreme versatility.

Upper range power output, unusual FM selectivity and sensitivity and the versatility of units costing much, much more - the SX-727 stereo receiver from Pioneer puts together all of these hi-fi virtues and offers the music enthusiast a new high in stereo value.

Versatility is the keynote of this attractively-designed unit - the SX-727 handles up to two tape decks, two turntables, three pairs of speaker systems and a microphone.

Its sensitive FM section is loaded with the very latest of solid state circuitry - the better to offer distortion-free reception.

Its direct-coupled power amplifier circuitry means a wide power bandwidth and superb frequency response.

And the unit puts out up to 195 watts of music power (at 4 ohms), more than enough to fill a large room with great sound."

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