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JVC 5944 Quadraphonic Headphones


These are from my personal collection that i've decided to part with.  An interesting headphone being that it's a quad one.  I personally don't own a quad amp but I have been able to use them as quad headphones; at least I think so..aha.I plugged either the right or left plug to my Marantz headphone jack, then the other plug into a headphone amp that I have and with a bit of sound level tinkering you're able to get a pretty solid sounding headphone.  But alas I'm purging so I don't need them any longer.  

From the internets;

"First headphones to reproduce sound from 4 discrete elements (according to JVC literature). The JVC 5944 Quadraphonic headphones. This is the first pair of these we've ever had (meaning in the past 15 years). A great feature these also have is a 'Phase Shifter Circuit' address a classis issue with switching from speakers to headphones. 

From the original owners manual; "The difference between listening to stereo music from speakers and from headphones is the inescapable fact that, whereas sound from one speaker interacts with sound from the other speakers in the air, with headphones this ins not possible. For some kinds of music and recording techniques this is OK, but for other music it detracts from listening pleasure. JVC's 'Phase Shifter Circuit' is a unique way to solve this problem. On each ear cup there's a switch to activate the circuit so the rear channel phase is 180° different from that of the front channel. A whole new character will be given to 4-channel sound if these are switched to 'Reverse'."

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