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Harman Kardon A-402


A extra crispy Harman Kardon amp with dual power supplies for those power hungry speakers. No issues with it other than it was missing it's jumper connections, I've replaced them with normal rca connectors and s'all good. 

It weighs 25 lbs and will be double boxed so be aware that shipping will be a few bucks. 

From the nets;

Amplifier-Preamplifier Harman/Kardon model A402 is a component of high fidelity audio system. The desig and manufacture of this unit we offer uncompromised reproduction of the music for your enjoy.
This component is equipped on special display sensitivity. Is comprised of a light-emitting diode display and four pushbutton switches that select mode of operation. The LED display is a faster, more responsive and, therefore, more accurate indication of dynamic range and power level. The ranges for the display are established by pushbutton switches 1 and 2 under the display. Once the range is established the dB level of the signal below full scale is indicated by the calibration on the LED panel.

Completely sseparate power supply for each channel
Light emiting dioda (LED) output display
Double-lighted tone controls
Tape dubbing with isolated circuity
Two low-level and five high-level inputs
Wideband design with exceptional square wave response and phase lineality.

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